Change Locks Woodlawn MD

Improving the safety of your home or business does not need to cost a fortune. You can achieve this with a simple task such as lock change. But this should be done well preferably by an expert, which is who we are. In addition, Locksmith of Woodlawn MD will help you with change locks rekey whenever you move into a preoccupied facility. It is often a good idea to change door lock every few years. This keeps former employees and contractors to stay off your property. 

Residential – Rekeying and Change Locks Done

Have you considered to change home locks in the last 10 years you have been in your home? Change Locks smith of Woodlawn MD can help you with new lock installation. You shouldn’t keep the same ones for decades. For security reasons, it is advisable to do lock change. We provide you with lock rekey services as well. While this can be done at any time, it is highly recommended for clients who buy preowned home. You can’t bet that your keys aren’t in the hands of strangers who might try to access your residence. Changing locks should be considered an important activity. Our professional staff is standing by waiting to help you. 

Automotive – Locks Changed and Car Doors Rekeyed

Why would you need to change auto locks for your vehicle? This might be necessary in such instances as lost keys. Change Locks smith of Woodlawn MD can do car rekey and help you save money since this is a cheaper service. We can also do ignition repair to solve auto starting problems. This is a skill that all our staff have and one that will provide you with the security that you deserve. There are some things that can happen and leave you astonished. For example, your keys might break in the lock or in the ignitions. If this happens, just call our skilled and experienced techs to provide you with broken car key removal. When you need to safeguard your property, call us for lock change.

Commercial - Locks Installed and Rekeyed

In addition to rekeying, we can also conduct office lock change. We have heavy duty ones in stock, which will provide you with additional security when fitted to your doors. Locksmith of Woodlawn MD can change locks for office and business and give you additional protection especially after a burglary. Is your business booming and you need to rekey an office lock? Congratulations if you are growing. You need to secure your equipment as well as your records. You don’t have to install expensive equipment such as monitoring closed circuit cameras. While this is good in some cases, you can get away with a simple job such as to install office locks.